Cyrus X7i XR


The Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amplifier is a high-quality integrated amp in the new XR range from Cyrus, featuring a new 2nd generation QXR DAC, an all-analogue preamp section and an MM phono stage for a fully-featured amplifier. This sets a very high bar, higher than any integrated amp from Cyrus previously.

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The Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier features the second generation of the QXR DAC from Cyrus, with an all-new high speed analogue buffer stage, and seven adjustable digital filters to match the musical taste of the listener. The USB audio input supports up to 768 kHz sample rate, with DSD to DSD512, along with two optical and two coaxial inputs to connect your digital audio components.

The all analogue preamplifier section of the i7-XR is derived from the new Pre-XR pre-amp, with a new high performance gain stage, alongside a relay input section, all with short signal paths for a transparent and precise sound. Four analogue RCA inputs as well as an MM phono stage for vinyl playback are supplied, allowing you to connect a CD player, tuner or other analogue audio component. The low-noise phono stage design is inspired by the Phono Signature, with a performance level above its class. High dynamic range and low background noise ensure your vinyl collection always sounds the best it can.

The power amplifier section features a wide bandwidth with a response from DC to 100 kHz and beyond, with a flat frequency response for the truest sound in your music. With a high current supply, the i7-XR creates music with dynamics and detail, with all the scale and drama intact.

Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amplifier features
Second generation QXR DAC
52W per channel into 6 Ohms
USB input supporting 768 kHz and DSD512
Seven adjustable digital filters to suit taste
All analogue pre-amplifier with high performance gain stage
Wide bandwidth power amplifier with flat frequency response
MM phono stage with high dynamic range and low noise
4x Analogue RCA inputs
Optical and coaxial digital inputs


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