LINN Majik DSM X Demo


Excellent condition. Demo unit but hasn't seen a great deal of use. Well looked after and unmarked. Boxed. Complete. 2 year warranty.

A superb all-in-one network music player with plenty of inputs and a powerful amplifier. Just ADD speakers. And you can easily integrate your TV system for even better results.

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Price: £2,495.00


Superb condition. Supplied boxed, complete and with 2 year warranty.

Enjoy your entire music collection — wherever it is stored — through a player which offers all the advantages of Linn DS in one compact unit.

Streamer with amplification built in. All you need to play music just add speakers!

Listen to your music downloads, ripped CDs and internet radio streams to experience the difference an extraordinary music system can make to your life.

Browse your music library, create playlists and adjust volume using your preferred desktop or mobile device, with control apps available for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android.

Connect your Blu-ray / DVD player or games console and get better soundtracks and special effects. Stream any audio from your computer and your favourite online music services will come to life.

Whatever you connect or play, Majik DSM will make it sound better.

This combination of Majik DS player, pre-amp and power amp, all in a single box, is hard to beat.


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