Linn Radikal (machined) in black


Black. Solid billet of aluminium. Boxed and complete. Unmarked

Tech Specs

- Type: External power supply
- For: LP12 and Urika phono stage
- Motor: Brushed DC
- Systems: Speed Management
- Speed checks: On every rotation
- Dual speed: 33/45 rpm

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Black. Solid billet of aluminium. Boxed and complete. Unmarked. Built circa 2018.

We also have a Urika internal MC phono stage which this unit also powers. These are £949 but if you'd like to buy the two together contact us for a better price. Price also includes fitting and there may be trade in value on your old Linn parts.


Product Description

Linn Radikal (Machined) is the highest performance DC motor control and power supply available for Sondek LP12 turntables. It comes complete with a brushed DC motor replacing the standard LP12 AC motor.

Perfect Timing

Radikal unites cutting-edge technologies enabling an entirely fresh and innovative approach to motor control and a substantial enhancement in LP12 performance. The speed management system auto-calibrates the motor whenever Sondek LP12 is powered on for perfect timing.

Reduced Noise

The precious-metal brushed DC motor features drastically reduced electromagnetic noise levels hugely improving the signal-to-noise ratio and taking you even closer to the music. Radikal also powers the Urika internal LP12 phono stage where fitted.

Urika Compatible

Due to the exclusive designs of these units, Radikal is capable of being used alone to drive and regulate the motor or together with Urika for an even more impressive upgrade. Radikal is supplied in a Klimax chassis, constructed from solid aluminium or a conventional Akurate-style build enabling you to match it to your Linn system.