Rega Fono MM Mk5 Open Box Stock


Good quality MM phono amplifier. Requires interconnecting cable. Comes with power supply.
Open box stock full warranty.

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Open box stock. Full warranty. Any marks are tiny. Most unmarked.


Input Sensitivity 1.7 MV For 200 MV Output
Input Loading 47 KΩ In Parallel With 100 PF
Maximum Input Level 60 MV At 1 KHz
Gain 41.4 DB At 1 KHz
Output Impedance 200 Ω
Recommended Minimum Output Load Resistance 5 KΩ
Frequency Response (50KΩ Output Load) 15 Hz (-3 DB) To 100 KHz (-0.2 DB)
RIAA Accuracy (50 KΩ Output Load) Better Than ±0.2 DB 100 Hz To 100 KHz
Power Requirements 24 V AC At 80 MA Maximum