Cyrus CDt XR Transport


The Cyrus CDt-XR CD Player is a reference integrated CD player, offering a pristine audio experience with a CD Servo mechanism and second generation QXR DAC, optimised for CD signal input.

The CDt-XR builds on the success of the CDt for enjoyable CD listening.

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The Cyrus CDt-XR CD player features a unique CD Servo mechanism, developed in-house by Cyrus, using a Servo Evolution principle to ensure the disc is read as accurately as possible. The Cyrus Servo Evolution reads as much information from the disc the first time, minimising re-reads and error correction for precise and flawless audio playback. This method reduces corrections by 20%, producing a cleaner data stream for an externally connected DAC.

With upgraded components and intelligently designed circuits, the CDt-XR reduces noise in the circuit with power starting at the quietest components, reducing noise carried through the circuitry.

The power supply has been upgraded, allowing the Servo Evolution engine to run more quietly. The CDt-XR supports the new PSU-XR power supply, allowing you to extract even more detail and definition from your music with clean and consistent power.

The CDt-XR is improved with a re-clocking of the digital signal just before the output, to improve timing and accuracy and ensure signal purity when transferred to the DAC. The CDt-XR is the perfect CD player for the Cyrus XR series components, when connecting to the Pre-XR, i9-XR or i7-XR to use the second generation QXR DAC on board these components.

Cyrus CDt-XR CD Player features

  • CD Servo Evolution mechanism to read disc data as accurately as possible
  • Reduces re-reading and error correction
  • Reduced noise with intelligent circuit design
  • Supports the PSU-XR power supply for great sonic benefit
  • Optical and coaxial digital outputs
CD Servo Evolution technology
Digital out Optical and coaxial outputs
PSU-XR upgrade port Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight 3.7kg