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Moorgate Acoustics was founded in 1981 by Keith Hobson with the aim of helping music lovers get better sound at home. Keith was an engineer by trade whose passion for music led to a keen interest in Hi-fi as the best means to appreciate it.

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Frustrated by the relatively poor standards of service available in South Yorkshire, Keith’s redundancy from Sound 70’s on Barclay Precinct afforded him the opportunity to put his own ideas into practice and start his own company. His experiences as a customer enabled him to see things from a different standpoint and introduce facilities and services that weren’t available when he was a customer.

Starting from scratch, he chose to stock only those products which offered the best sound. Next, he added listening rooms, where people could actually listen to the equipment of their choice. This seems obvious now but over thirty years ago Moorgate was one of the first shops to offer proper demonstration.

Finally, he developed the sort of “no-quibble” back-up service that he knew customers deserved.

Music is everything at Moorgate Acoustics. Getting the best from recorded music is a passion that drives each of us and is one we share with our customers. Indeed, all our staff were chosen for their love of music. We can train them about equipment but the love for music has to be there.

Today we know that only thrilled customers are happy to recommend us to their friends as well as returning for future purchases. Satisfied customers have built our business and enabled it to grow.

My name is Paul Hobson and I’m Keith’s son. I joined the company 39 years ago, learning all I know from my father and the excellent people who have worked for us over the years. Keith is retired now but still active in the running of the company and his experience and enthusiasm continue to win new customers and friends. 

Despite growth and a great many changes, the company still stands by Keith’s original goal of helping discriminating people get great sound at home. Our commitment is to our customers first and in order to keep this commitment we will strive to maintain the highest standards in all we do.

Ideally, we’d like all our customers to visit us in person. But we appreciate that it isn't possible for many of you. We value our customers however they choose to do business with us.

If you are not yet convinced that you need a decent system at home, I’d love for you to give us the chance to prove it to you. We can do that here in Sheffield, or at your house, provided that you are within striking distance. Take us up on that challenge and let music take centre-stage in your life.

You’ll never look back and that’s a promise.


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Mad About Music

There are two great places to listen to music; your place and ours. Welcome to ours.

Music has been our passion for 40 years! Our systems bring music to life and enable you to get the best from your music collection. We know you love music as much as us and we believe in help and advice NOT techno babble and hard sell!

We care deeply about quality and about reproducing music accurately. We don’t sell “me too products” but that doesn’t mean everything we sell is expensive.

We make choosing or improving an audio system simple and even enjoyable. From vinyl to digital downloads to archiving a lifetime of collected music; we can help. Home Trial is available on almost all the products we offer to customers who are fairly local.

Contact us to discuss how we can make this a reality and assist you getting the music system of your dreams. Customers come back because we value them and we treat email inquiries with the same importance as a personal call.

Not all our products are available on a click to buy basis; usually because we feel unable to offer you the service or the installation you need by long distance. However we do cover the whole of South Yorkshire so if you are in any doubt give us a call on 0114 2756048 or email us.

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