In Store Events

Events have finished for 2023. More will be added in 2024.

These events take place at our store in Woodseats. We usually host them between 12 and 5 on Fridays. If anything is different we'll inform you. These are not ticketed unless stated otherwise and all welcome.
Parking is available in the car park at the rear.

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All welcome.


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Mad About Music

There are two great places to listen to music; your place and ours. Welcome to ours.

Music has been our passion for 40 years! Our systems bring music to life and enable you to get the best from your music collection. We know you love music as much as us and we believe in help and advice NOT techno babble and hard sell!

We care deeply about quality and about reproducing music accurately. We don’t sell “me too products” but that doesn’t mean everything we sell is expensive.

We make choosing or improving an audio system simple and even enjoyable. From vinyl to digital downloads to archiving a lifetime of collected music; we can help. Home Trial is available on almost all the products we offer to customers who are fairly local.

Contact us to discuss how we can make this a reality and assist you getting the music system of your dreams. Customers come back because we value them and we treat email inquiries with the same importance as a personal call.

Not all our products are available on a click to buy basis; usually because we feel unable to offer you the service or the installation you need by long distance. However we do cover the whole of South Yorkshire so if you are in any doubt give us a call on 0114 2756048 or email us.

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