Linn Urika MC phono stage for Sondek USED


VGC. Boxed. Serviced late 2023. 1 year warranty. Price includes fitting.

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Very good example. Serviced at the end of 2023. Supplied with a years warranty. Comes with connecting cables for PSU and high quality RCA cables.

We also have a Radikal for sale. If you buy this with the Radikal we'll further reduce the price. Let us know if you're interested in both.

This unique moving coil phono stage fits snugly inside the Sondek LP12 turntable and works with the Radikal motor control to deliver the best performance possible with an analogue pre-amplifier.

Urika delivers an impressive level of clarity and detail thanks to its location within the plinth itself which brings it as close as possible to the tonearm, minimising cable length and therefore signal loss and noise. Mounted on its own integrated Trampolin base board, the phono stage is also isolated from unwanted vibrations.

To ensure consistent and faithful reproduction of the music, Urika features a dual mono design that banishes any potential crosstalk.

Direct-coupled RCA and transformer-coupled XLR outputs allow you to choose the best connection option for your system and guarantee exceptional performance in all conditions.

Powered by Radikal, which also powers and controls the LP12's top of the range DC motor, Urika is a transformative upgrade, letting you enjoy exceptional performance from your LP12 turntable.