Cyrus PSU-XR


The Cyrus PSU-XR Power Supply builds upon Cyrus's extensive knowledge in power supplies, producing clean and stable power to external components. With a large toroidal transformer, the PSU-XR remains amazingly efficient, delivering a staggering amount of power.

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The Cyrus PSU-XR is able to deliver exact power requirements to three different circuits on the connected component, significantly enhancing any Cyrus XR Series product used with it. The PSU-XR power supply uses advanced microprocessor controls, with relay switching and completely separated grounds to eliminate the transfer of noise between circuits.

The PSU-XR delivers digitally addressed voltages, communicating with the host product via a 15-pin bus lead in order to determine the exact voltage requirements of the various circuits. The output voltage is controlled using an 8-bit digital gate, allowing for 256 different and incredibly precise voltage steps for the output rails. With this exact voltage requirement, the PSU-XR is able to deliver clean and precise power to the XR Series components, improving the performance over the standard power supply.

The PSU-XR is able to supply three different circuits in the host component with power, with no shared ground between them. Preserving the purity of the power to the circuits, the different power sections of the PSU-XR have completely isolated ground loops, virtually eliminating the possibility of system noise from one section being transferred to another. The PSU-XR supplies any Cyrus XR Series amplifier or CD player with clean, stable power.

Cyrus PSU-XR Power Supply features

  • Provides clean and stable power to any Cyrus XR Series product
  • Delivers exact power requirements to three circuits
  • 8-bit digital gate allows for 256 precise voltage outputs
  • No shared ground between three power outputs to eliminate noise
  • Large toroidal transformer for efficient power