Customer Linn LP12 project

Wednesday, January 10, 2024


We were asked by a customer to build him an LP12 turntable for the best possible price. We used a combination of new and older parts. Everything was cleaned and serviced and we started off with a rather lovely oak plinth.

Initially we were trying to get this turntable to the best price we could and we fitted a serviced Linn Valhalla power supply. However the customer requested twin speed and so we went with a Valhalla Electronics Minos power supply in the end.

The arm was a Linn Basik Plus and the cartridge we chose was an Audio Technica VM95 ML; one of our favorite magnetic cartridges.

We always finish off by having a good listen to ensure everything is sounding good and it was no surprise to find that this record player sounds superb, just as we expected it too.
This turntable cost £1449 complete and is supplied with a 2 year warranty.

We can build LP12's to almost any budget and specification.

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