Focal Kanta floor standers now on demonstration

Friday, December 8, 2023

8/12/2033 We're thrilled to welcome the Focal Kanta no 2 and no 3 to our store.

Halmarks of the Kanta design are a new generation IAL tweeter featuring a Beryllium inverted dome and Flax sandwich cone speaker drivers. This is an unprecedented combination of technologies to guarantee precise, detailed and warm sound. Focal’s latest acoustic innovations have been integrated into these floorstanders encompassing a modern and distinctive design. 

Kanta No 2 is the first floor standing speaker in the range. It's large but not overly so and it's clever design and aesthetics are elegant and pleasing.

Kanta No 3 is quite imposing and better suited to larger rooms but it shares the family sound and has plenty of detail without being overblown. A wide range of finishes are available for both models.

We'll be putting a few hours on these speakers and they're available now if you'd like a look or a listen.

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