Mobile Fidelity One Step Van Halen debut

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Arriving this Friday (15th Dec 2023) 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set
Perhaps one of the finest Debut albums in rock.

"Van Halen did more than announce to the world the  earthshaking arrival of a revolutionary guitarist. Performed by an  enterprising California quartet that took its name from two of its  principal members, the 1978 debut ripped headlines away from punk,  injected fresh energy into a then-moribund rock 'n' roll scene,  reimagined how heavy music and throwback pop could coexist, and invited  everyone to experience the top-down pleasures of a beachfront Saturday  night every day of the week no matter where they lived. Painstakingly  restored by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, and the first of a multi-album  series in an exciting partnership between the famous reissue label and  Van Halen, Van Halen delivers feel-good thrills and hormonally charged desires like never before"

If you've never experienced the performance, dynamic range and quality of a Mobile Fidelity release then give it a try; its like feeding your record player Royal Jelly.

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