Amphion Argon 3S




The Argon 3S is the latest speaker to join the Amphion range at Moorgate. We got a pair in for a customer to listen to and were so impressed we bought some more (as did the customer). There's some "right" about these speakers and we really would suggest a demo.

With the Argon3S, we bring to home environment the same technologies which allow sound engineers and artists to “see” deeper into their own music. Now, studio monitoring technologies are within reach of music lovers, who want to hear their favorite music as the artist intended

Technical specifications Variations Basics Veneers Colour grids Covers (optional) Argon3S Two-way, passive radiator 1” titanium 6½” aluminium 1600 Hz 8 Ω 87 dB 38 – 25.000 Hz -6dB 50 - 150 W 380 x 191 x 305 mm 12 kg


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Black, Walnut, White