Audiolab/Mission System


This system combines the Audilab Omnia with a glorious pair of Mission 700 loudspeakers (including stands).

Omnia allows streaming, CD player, digital and analogue inputs, turntable input and a headphone output.

System comes with 2 x 5m good, terminated speaker cable.

Audiolab available in Black and Silver
Mission speaker available in walnut or black

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This is a system that has good performance and a host of features. Based around the Audiolab Omnia and married to a superb pair of Mission 700 speakers.

Blurring the lines that generally differentiate hi-fi and lifestyle, Omnia brings all of the pedigree that helps make Audiolab electronics the connoisseur's choice. Yet, indulgence in design, material aesthetics and useability means it has all of the functionality to make it a sleek, convenient and easy-to-use centre-piece, for an uncompromising home audio system. The audiolab Omnia maintains the award-winning, an instantly recognisable, Audiolab design cues; unfussy yet striking in appearance, the curved, brushed aluminium chassis is 'typical Audiolab' but evolved to suit the modern-day living environment. Omnia is attractive but discreet, offering the perfect balance for living rooms and listening rooms alike. In a world where music is more available than ever and sources more varied than ever, Omnia doesn't discriminate. However, you listen to your music, Omnia has got you covered. To sum it up, the audiolab Omnia is a CD player, integrated amplifier, wireless streaming player, DAC, headphone amplifier and pre-Amplifer - in one single unit!

Listen to radio
Play CD's
plug in a record player
Connect your TV
App driven and controlled

The Mission 700 Bookshelf Speakers take what was referred to as an 'industry benchmark, in the original 700 model, but utilises Mission's 45 years of evolution and development in loudspeaker design for an upgraded performance from a classic loudspeaker.

Stands are provided as is speaker cable.