Cyrus CDi CD player


The Cyrus CDI CD Player has been created to deliver only the highest quality sound via high-end components. Featuring a 32-bit DAC, new LED disc loader, and offering connection capabilities to several other Cyrus models, this CD player will allow you to create the perfect sound system in your living room.

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An integrated CD player that uses the award-winning Cyrus Servo Evolution CD engine, the Cyrus CDI CD Player is the best sounding CD player that Cyrus has produced to date. Every part of this CD player has been designed with absolute quality as the main concern, be that the power stage, all the way through to the analogue output. This CD player has been designed not only to deliver an audiophile quality experience, but with its simple and quick setup and ease of user control, the CDi is a high end CD player that will introduce even newcomers to the wonders of Hi-Fi.

The CDi contains many of the same components that can be found in the previous CD Xt Signature. This includes the latest generation LED disc loader, a quiet and low contact mechanism that will greatly improve upon more traditional tray loading methods. The use of high end components in these products enables the Cyrus range to outperform any other similar product in its price range.

With Servo Evolution technology included, the CDi's SE platform has been specifically engineered to retrieve data from your audio CDs whilst encountering far fewer errors than other players. Provision of ideal data output for Hi-Fi, the Servo Evolution technology will control the whole electromechanical servo system, which in turn will provide much better quality audio than can be found with other conventional drives.

A 32-bit Digital to Analogue Converter is included in the Cyrus CDi, providing it with all of the capacity that is needed to convert complex loads into full analogue output. Following on from the Cyrus trickle down approach, the DAC used in this player is the same DAC that can also be found in the Cyrus DAC XP Signature. The 32-bit DAC will allow for a range of improvements, including even greater detail retrieval and sonic resolution.

Further improvements can be made to your system through the connection of Cyrus' PSX-R2 external power supply. The addition of this power supply will drastically decrease the strain on the units internal power supply. With twin analogue outputs and two digital outputs, the CDi will fit into a variety of setups. Connection of an amplifier like the 82 DAC will produce an excellent, high quality sound, and the addition of a Stream Xa will offer streaming capabilities and complete your system. The CDi can be connected to further Cyrus units via the unique MC-BUS connections.

  • 32 bit DAC converts even the most complex loads into full analogue output
  • Provides vast improvements in performance to the CD 8 SE2
  • Uses many of the same components as the CD Xt Signature
  • Greater detail retrieval and sonic resolution via the DAC
  • Award winning Servo Evolution CD brain
Cyrus Audio
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Digital Output
1 x Opt, 1 x Coax
  • Digital to Analogue Converter
32 Bit DAC
  • Audio Output
2 x RCA Analogue
  • Weight