The 1st moving coil from Linn is a modified Audio Technica but that doesn't get in the way. Superb all round for the price.

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Linn Koil MC Cartridge


This Majik-level cartridge offers a step up in performance from Adikt; either as an upgrade, or at the point of purchasing a new Majik LP12 MC.

Linn have collaborated with Audio Technica to produce this first-rate cartridge, based on their OC9 series; with Linn's specifications implemented to its suspension taking it to the next level in performance.

Stylus: Nude Microlinear Cantilever: Boron Tracking
Force: 2.0g
Coil Wire: Copper
Connection: Pin diameter 1.2mm, gold
Output Voltage: 0.4mV @ 5cm/s
Recommended Load: 100 O
Recommended Capacitance: 100nF
Weight: 7.6g