LINN Kore Subchassis


The Kore is a massively rigid one-piece subchassis and armboard. It increases rigidity and allows more detail to be extracts from vinyl. Price includes fitting.

Mechanical upgrades are always the 1st place to start with the Sondek.

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The Kore is the Akurate level sub-chassis. Made from a pressed aluminium sub-chassis with an aluminium armboard bonded onto it. It’s several steps above the entry level version. This is a massive improvement to any LP12, which is still using a separate armboard.


Following the same design philosophy as Linn's flagship Keel, the Kore sub-chassis and armboard is an essential upgrade step for anyone looking to improve their LP12 and bring it up to Akurate-level performance.

Strengthened by a multi-layer, box construction of 1.5mm thick aluminium, the Kore’s sub-chassis is designed for extra rigidity and removal of unwanted damping, ensuring a more faithful reproduction of your vinyl. Three layers are bonded together using a unique Linn-specified adhesive to form an incredibly stiff structure, while keeping the weight low.

The Kore armboard is precisely machined from solid aluminium and further strengthened with ribs on the underside to provide the ultimate rigidity. This is then bonded to the sub-chassis so that the assembly mirrors the valuable properties of a single piece; as the arm collar is bolted directly to the sub-chassis, the arm has a direct connection to the bearing.

• Aluminium sub-chassis
• Machined-from-solid armboard
• Compatible with Linn Ekos SE, Ekos, Akito, and Ittok tonearms
• Versions also available for Rega, SME & Naim tonearms