Project VC S3 Record Cleaning Machine


New product with improved performance.

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Now in MK2 form with subtle improvements.


Vinyl Care

Pro-Ject’s RCM range is designed to motivate more and more people to buy both new and used records, expanding collections around the world. A good vacuum cleaner is a proven essential tool for not just record preservation, but also for maximum fidelity and enjoyment of your analogue music. 

The VC-S3 RCMs is supplied with Pro-Ject’s Wash it 2 cleaning solution. Wash it 2 is a ready-to-use mixture, where the concentrated cleaning fluid is pre-mixed with demineralized water in an optimum ratio to achieve a perfectly clean record, extended vacuum motor life and ultimate convenience in use. Wash it 2 is suitable for both vinyl and shellac records, and it evaporates quickly with zero residue so you will see very little fluid building up in the RCM’s internal waste containers.  

The VC-S3 is made for advanced users with bigger record collections, and more time required for proper record cleaning. The VC-E2 is designed to be easier to accommodate for smaller spaces and for those with smaller collections. The VC-E2 is further improved upon its predecessor thanks to its new improved vacuum steam outlet, redirecting all exhaust fumes away from the lower record surface. Both models are fully designed and made in Europe to the highest technical standard. 


Key Features:

  • NEW improved cabinet design

  • NEW magnetic clamp for quicker cleaning

  • NEW vacuum motor with aluminium mounting pads and cataphoretic surface treatment

  • NEW self-adhesive arm strip for better cleaning

  • NEW Wash it 2 cleaning fluid

  • 5 mm aluminium composite panels

  • Superfast & superstrong cleaning

  • Big 2,5l tank for vacuumed cleaning liquid

  • Completely dry record within 2 rotations

  • Removes static load of vinyl records

  • Removes cleaning fluid (Wash it) residue free

  • Eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid

  • High-end build-quality

  • Made in Europe