Rega Exact MM


Entry level MM cartridge. Perfect as an inexpensive solution. Comes with fixing bolts.

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To be Exact
Each Exact uses a pair of the highest grade in house wound parallel coils. The selected coil-set is carefully assembled in a custom jig to create the tightest possible pole gap in the moving magnet range. Achieving an incredible fine channel balance figure of ±0.1 mV the Exact delivers the best stereo image and highest output available from our magnet range. This testing process can take three time longer than other magnet models but the increased accuracy is worth the effort as you will experience taut bass and incisive treble. The addition of the unique Rega three point mounting system (which automatically sets overhang and improves the rigidity of mounting to the tonearm head-shell on Rega arms) is what makes the Exact our top moving magnet cartridge.

Handmade stereo cartridge
Rega 3 point fixing
'Vital' nude diamond profile
Aluminium cantilever
Ultimate hand adjusted fine channel balance for optimum stereo image
Fine channel balance ±0.1 mV
Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

The unique pivot pad design of Rega cartridges improves performance by eliminating the mechanical joint between the stylus housing and the main body. This vastly improves tracking ability and stability of the stylus. If you should damage or wear your Rega cartridge, simply return it to you Rega dealer and they will supply you with a rebuild cartridge fitted with a new cantilever, stylus and pivot pad. Each rebuild is fully tested over two days as a new cartridge would be. The rebuild is sold at a reduced price once you trade in your worn or damaged cartridge that is equivalent to a replacement stylus offered by other manufacturers.

Exact icon
6.8 - 7.2 mV

‘Vital’ - Complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet

​Rega 3 point fixing

High spec parallel wound coils


Tracking Pressure
​1.75 g

47 k

100 pF