Streaming Audio System One


This streaming system is built around the Bluesound Node streamer. Simple to set up/use and with a level of performance that is belied by the price. Here we've partnered it with the lovely Rega Io amplifier and a pair of superb Dali Oberon 1 compact speakers. It comes with 10M of speaker cable too. Everything you need to stream music and much more.

Bluesound Node
Rega Io
Dali Oberone One speakers (choose from 4 finishes)

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Node allows you to stream, listen to your own music, enjoy internet radio and allows you to connect your TV. It is compact and app driven and sounds superb.

The Io is a small amp with a big performance. It matches the Bluesound perfectly and allows you to add a turntable should you so wish.

The Dali Oberon 1 are small enough to fit any room but sound much bigger than they look. They're detailed and musical. Here is a system which really performs and yet doesn't break the bank. As an introduction into streaming using separates, it takes some beating.

Comes with 2 x 5 m terminated speaker cable too.

Bluesound app supports Ios and Android.