Vinyl Passion LP12 power supply


Alternative power supply for the LP12. Included 33 & 45 rpm.  Also allows the use of the Karousel bearing. Price includes fitting. This is a superb product.


VINYL PASSION: Vinyl Passion 2 Speed Microprocessor controlled power supply
Vinyl Passion 2 Speed Microprocessor controlled power supply for the Linn LP-12

Karousel compatible fits all LP12s all voltages

The Vinyl Passion Revolution Power supply the Ultimate 2 speed supply for the Linn LP-12 and many other turntables

Exceeding the performance of both internal and external power supplies

utilising the latest in surface mount technology and low noise components

85% energy efficient

CE Approved

microprocessor controlled voltage ramping for unparalleled smooth low voltage motor operation

Toroidal transformer based for low magnetic signature and thermal efficiency

wow and flutter better than 0.06%

12 month warranty

significant improvements over other LP-12 power supply's

comes with supplied mounting hardware

Internal Linn x brace is required as fitted to most LP-12s

if you have a very early Linn without x brace they are also available from our shop

The Vinyl Passion Revolution Power supply the Ultimate 2 speed supply for Linn turntables and also adaptable for all turntables fitted with the same 24p motor the list is endless ...
So we Finally did it this project started 5 years ago,
After seeing the sine wave output quality from a popular LP-12 after market 2 speed power supply and the incorrect speed accuracy at 45 we knew it was time for a change or should we say Revolution.
We had high hopes for DC when we worked with Maxton on there finest DC Motors and software but we found all of them to simply be to noisy when listening with a stethoscope through the top plate I knew the good old premotec 24p motor used for so many turntables could be the best option if we had a power supply with a truly pure sine wave and a true 90 degree phase offset
The Revolution Power supply features a programmable processor so the voltage can be programmed to step down after startup allowing fast startup at multiple speeds and then switching to a low voltage the same as the lingo to eliminate RFI EMI & Vibration from the motor & board itself...
The original reason linn moved the supply off board making the Revolution an affordable high performance option, we were also unhappy with the use of high temperature resistors to drop voltage as used in the Hercules and Valhalla as this creates heat dissipation at over degrees 100c this is crude and cheap and would never meet the latest CE standards for safety, this can distort internal metal components over time inside the turntable and Resistor based supplies are constantly generating heat even when not being used this means they are basically 15% energy efficient the rest is just burned off at high temperature when you consider the state of the Ice caps this is not good design..

The Vinyl Passion Revolution it a totally new concept for turntable power supplies as it uses an 85% efficient CE approved custom wound transformer and a very clever processor designed for medical and military application which means when fitted on board the turntable there is zero noise or vibration generated making a smooth stable & accurate supply,

the first 5 prototypes we made passed all expectations and they measure 32ppi waveform distortion after amplification which is lower than any other turntable power supply we are aware off the lingo 3 comes in at 51ppi our tests show a wow and flutter @ 0.05 at 33.3 and 45 rpm and unlike all other quartz oscillated power supplies the 45 rpm speed is correct if you check any AC Powered Linn with a strobe disk including the lingo as well as after market supplies you will notice 33.3 is spot on if everything is setup well but 45 rpm is actually 44.3 this is down to using crystals and dividers not a programmable oscillator as the crystal oscillator once divided gives out 67.5 Hz for 45 rpm and this is incorrect hence the slow speed,

At Vinyl Passion we think this is truly special as it is very affordable compared to other units any where near this accurate and on launch we will also offer generous px on other power supplies.. We will also be looking for re sellers outside of the UK And LP-12 Specialists with a good reputation inside the UK ...