Rega news from the Bristol Show

Friday, February 24, 2023

Rega showcase new Niai turntable

This is above the P10 and offers a large chunk of the performance of the Niaid. We know it uses graphine and is both lower mass and greater in rigidity than the P10. It also has a new power supply and we think and improved version of the RB3000 arm.

Check here for their Twitter feed.

Rega also announced that they will be adding a white finish to the P6/P8 & P10. We're not sure when this will go into production however.

More info to follow as soon as we have it.

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Philip Kidger

9 months ago

Good news. When are you likely to get your hands on one- will it be at the forthcoming Rega event you are planning ?

Paul Hobson

9 months ago

We're not sure yet. The Rega event will focus mainly on this product.

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