Linn LP12 (build) part used 2 year warranty


Lovely turntable. Offers tremendous value for money and access to the LP12 upgrade path should you so wish. 2 year warranty.

We build LP12's using Linn parts. Both new and used. We can build to suit a spec or a price. This offers a cheaper alternative to buying brand new Linn "spec".

Get in touch and we can help.

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Braced Greaves 90's afromosia plinth.
Black surround bearing
Serviced Valhalla power supply
New motor
New outer platter
New mat.
New springs grommets etc.
Supplied with 2 year warranty.
It will be a superb record player which will give years of pleasure. And it can be upgraded if you so wish.

All it requires is a tonearm and a cartridge. Yours or ours.


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