Naim Audio NPX-300 Power supply USED


Improve the 200 series even further with this super high capacity power supply.
2 years warranty.

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Superb. Boxed and as new. Complete. Comes with 2 years warranty.

Enhance your music experience by using the NPX 300 power supply. This power supply is ideal for the 200 Series sources and preamplifiers, including the NSC 222 streaming preamplifier. It works by deactivating the internal power supply, reducing noise, and improving power and performance. You can even connect multiple NPX 300 power supplies to enhance your audio experience further. Using this power supply allows the preamplifier to focus solely on controlling the signal, resulting in a superior quality of sound.

Our founder, Julian Vereker, was a visionary who recognised the significant advantages of using aluminum as a material for wrapping Naim's electronic components. He understood that audio devices are highly susceptible to the negative effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, and vibrations that can impair their performance. While other manufacturers were using thin sheets of steel, Naim used thick aluminum plates to wrap its components, ensuring that they were well-protected and able to deliver their full potential.

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