Hegel Viking CD player arives

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Naim Audio Price reductions


With immediate effect Naim Audio have lowered the prices on their Muso and Uniti ranges.

Atom £2299
Star £3499
Nova £4399

Muso QB2 £699
Muso 2 £899


Expert Experts.

Does anyone remember the Not the 9 O'clock News sketch about hi fi shops? If not you can see it here;

In it a customer walks into a hi-fi store and gets met with an "hilarious" pair of salesman who are the wrong type of expert. They talk in highly technical terms and they intimidate the customer at every opportunity; either subtly or not so subtly.

We often meet new customers and we can tell that they come in quite wary of us. Perhaps they've had bad experiences of other shops or even see the sketch above. In any event we do our best to reassure people and also we're at great pains to not discuss things in technospeak or technobabble. Of course hi-fi equipment can seem complex but in reality it is simply a better way to enjoy music at home. And music is a passion we share with all our customers. For this reason we try to play music at every opportunity and also to show rather than to explain. I'm glad to say this approach works.

Our store is light and open and you can see many of the products we stock. You can browse uninterrupted or engage with us and when you're ready. We're always happy to see our customers and we don't require you to make an appointment unless you're wanting to listen to something very specific and you require one of our demo rooms to do that. Even then if you pop in and we've time we're happy to set it up for you on speck if the rooms are not in use.

In fact our smaller room always has a music system ready to play vinyl or to stream. In this room we have something affordable set up to give people an insight and a listen to something that sounds fantastic but that won't break the bank. Something like the Rega System One for example. This is ready to go and can always be played easily. You can sit and listen to how good a British Hi-Fi system can sound. One that costs less than a lot of mobile phones and will last twenty years plus.

This is our 41st year and we've survived umpteeen recessions, two lockdowns and numerous idiot governments (and local councils) by doing everything we can to look after our customers. We've learned that doing so makes them happy to return and to recommend us to their friends. To quote CJ we "didn't get where we are today" buy not looking after customers.

Money is tight these days but music is something that feeds our minds and our emotions. For some people it is part of their emotional well-being. Myself and my staff all feel the same. Music keeps us sane when the World around us is going crazy.

If you love music and haven't visited our store then we'd love you to do so. We'll make you welcome. We'll listen to you and discover how we can help you get your first proper music system or to best improve the one you have. We won't ram any particular brand down your throat but we will certainly aim to find the very best product for you.

Online is an important part of the World today and its how we communicate with many of our customers either for the first time or on an ongoing basis. However as a bricks and mortar retailer we love seeing our customers face to face best of all. If you're able to visit us we'll take the time to make you glad you did.

We're not a big company. We're not global and nor are we owned by a conglomerate or a chain. We're a family-run business still owned and run by the family that started the business 41 years ago and who still work in the store. I'm the one sat in the showroom behind the computer screen, ready to step out and welcome you. We really do believe in old fashioned service.

Rest assured that although we know our stuff, we will not thrust it down your throat. Our knowledge helps you make the best choices and we do that by inviting you to listen to music. Music you know and perhaps we can introduce you to some you don't but may grow to love. Music is our language and our god.

And finally; we love music so much that we built a record store in our basement!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Paul Hobson


Munich Show Highlights

Highlights for us!

Naim have had a busy year and it's about to get busier. Not only did they launch the new 300 series, but they launched their first 50th Anniversary product; The Nait 50.

See the new Classic series here.

This limited edition product is exciting as it is "today's take" on a Naim classic first launched in 1983.
Discover more here.

PMC have also been busy!

Prodigy brings performance-led design ethos to an even wider audience, building on PMC's belief that ultra-high-resolution loudspeakers, if properly designed, can be used throughout the entire audio chain.

Above you can see Prodigy 1, a compact with an RRP of £1250 and Prodigy 5, a classic floorstander at £1995

We're looking forward to getting both of the speakers in stock and on demo and will keep you informed about their performance. In the meantime you can discover more here.

Chord Electronics announce new super Integrated amp

The ULTIMA INTEGRATED is a class-leading 125-watt integrated amplifier benefitting from the latest dual-feed-forward error-correction topology, Chord Electronics’ legendary proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supplies, plus an unmistakable industrial aesthetic.

Designed by Chord Electronics’ founder, owner and chief engineer, John Franks, the advanced ULTIMA circuit monitors and immediately corrects audio signals before the output stage, for astonishing signal accuracy from a one-box integrated device.

The ULTIMA INTEGRATED also takes advantage of the very latest developments in advanced low-distortion power supplies  ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶  devices offering exceptionally low noise and outstanding amplifier operation  ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶  for even greater fidelity.

A four-input design, one fully balanced and three unbalanced, all enjoy individual buffering and are selectively filtered against potential ingress from radio frequency interference; selection switching is via microprocessor-controlled sealed relays.

The ULTIMA INTEGRATED is the first new Chord Electronics integrated amplifier for seven years and remains the sole full-width integrated model in the range.

All metalwork is precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium, including Chord Electronics’ iconic Integra Legs. The fascia sports a 28-mm-thick front panel with a perfectly symmetrical aesthetic, centered around a spherical power on/off control with polychromatic lighting, flanked by illuminated volume and balance controls.

More details as we have them.

Auralic news!

Auralic announce new G2.2 range and a new higher end G3 series that will feature both a stand alone streamer and a streaming transport. We've no further information at this time.


Hegel Reduce Prices

We salute them!

Hegel press release today;

In later years, we and every other manufacturer have been hit hard by cost increases on both parts, labour, and shipping. As a result, the prices of our products have had to go up as well.
Hegel is a company that prides itself on offering products that are great value for money, so
increasing our prices because of external factors did not sit well with us.

Fortunately, Hegel has also grown tremendously, and with this growth comes benefits from
economies of scale. That is why we are now able to lower the prices on H95, H120, and H190 by up to 10 %.For some, this might be interpreted to mean that these products are to be replaced soon. That is  not the case. All three products have recently gone through extensive updates and are more competitive than ever. AirPlay 2 provides multi-room streaming, our TV remote functionality lets you use your TV remote to control the amplifiers, and Roon Ready delivers high-end streaming on H120 and H190.

We lower the prices because value for money is an essential part of our DNA.

Models effected H95, H120 & H190


Bluesound give the node an X


To celebrate Bluesound's ten-year milestone, we are pleased to introduce the NODE X. Since its inception, the Bluesound NODE has become synonymous with hi-res streaming, proving generation by generation that audio quality, convenience, and affordability can live together in one compact unit. The limited-time, 10th Anniversary Edition NODE X re-imagines some of the best parts of the NODE’s product design - improving them even further - and sets a new standard for audio performance and usability in the category. Whether it is added to an existing audio system, amplifier, AVR or a pair of active loudspeakers, the NODE X is here to take ‘just add streaming’ into the next generation of audiophiles. The NODE X represents technology and audio improvements that advance the previous generation NODE design. An upgraded high performance audiophile-grade ESS Sabre DAC takes audio playback to the next tier, while a high-end headphone amp featuring THX AAA™ technology elevates the headphone listening experience and widens the product use-case even further. To tie it all together, the powerful componentry is encapsulated in a stunning silver finish casing. Bluesound’s mission is to introduce a wireless generation of music lovers to true high performance fidelity. The NODE X represents the latest benchmark of this unstoppable pursuit – the perfect blend of audio quality, cutting-edge design, and great value for every music lover who takes #LivingHiFi seriously.  

Unparalleled elegance shines through in the all-glass, capacitive touch LED control panel
that graces the top of the NODE X with an intuitive touchpoint for quick access controls
like play, pause, track skipping, and volume. One-touch presets are available on the product
itself, or by using the included Bluesound RC1 remote. Advanced controls, including tone
controls, subwoofer crossover optimization, and listening modes are available in the BluOS
Controller app. The NODE X can also be integrated into a smart home with full-feature
drivers for Lutron, Elan, RTI, Crestron, and other popular home control systems.

Bit-perfect music listening can happen away from your HiFi system with the NODE X as your
multi-room streamer. The NODE X is supported by the BluOS platform, the only platform in
the world that can support up to 64 players, all streaming up to 24-bit, hi-res audio. With
a growing stable of brands and devices being added to the BluOS platform, the NODE X opens
up a world of hi-res listening options throughout your home that no other player can.

An upgraded audiophile ESS 9028Q2M Sabre DAC design outputs amazing musicality,
near-zero levels of clock jitter, ultra-low noise and distortion, and a wide dynamic range. A
truly high-end headphone amp with a full-sized 1⁄4” headphone jack uses a THX Achromatic
Audio Amplifier (THX AAATM) with patented feed-forward error correction to deliver
infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion and power consumption for a realistic, fatigue-free
listening experience. This positions the NODE X not only as the ultimate streaming source for a
HiFi system, but also a hi-res streamer for no-compromise headphone listening.

In addition to a high-performance internal DAC, the NODE X continues to support external DACs
via an assortment of digital outputs. Optical, Coaxial or USB Audio 2.0 output turns the
NODE X into a simple high-quality streamer, sending music from hi-res services to your
favorite outboard equipment. Powerful software features like tone controls and listening
modes, allow you to customize your listening preferences with detail.

Like a jack of all trades, the NODE X supports a broad spectrum of digital and analog inputs and
outputs. WiFi, Ethernet, Apple AirPlay 2, aptX HD Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux-in, HDMI eARC or
USB Type A connectors let you input audio from streaming services, TV and gaming consoles,
or a personal music library. Deliver music to your HiFi system via Stereo RCA, Optical,
Coaxial and USB outputs, and even to wireless headphones via Bluetooth, in aptX HD quality.

The NODE X is unique and set apart, in performance and in looks. A special,
anniversary edition painted silver finish celebrates 10 years of Bluesound and marks a
decade of distinction in the streaming category.


Dimensions (Product)
220 x 46 x 146mm (W x H x D)
8.7 x 1.8 x 5.7 in (W x H x D)
Weight: 1.14kg / 2.5lbs

Included Accessories

• RC1 Remote Control
• 120V AC Power Cord
• 230V AC Power Cord
• Ethernet Cable
• Stereo RCA to RCA Cable
• TOSLINK Optical to 3.5mm Mini Adaptor
• Safety/Warranty Guide
• Quick Setup Guide
• 10th Anniversary Insert


Rega launch their 1st 50th Anniversary Product

P3-50 is announced.

P3-50 gets walnut finish, Exact cartridge and TT-PSU

09 MAY 2023

Introducing the 50th Anniversary Edition of the legendary Rega Planar 3. A turntable package designed to maximise the performance from the Planar 3. 

Available in the hugely popular new walnut effect finish, the 50th anniversary Planar 3 is supplied with a hand tuned Neo PSU MK2 and the handmade Rega Exact moving magnet cartridge factory fitted. The drive system uses our reference drive belt and a custom CNC’d aluminium drive pulley to deliver the absolute best in performance and accuracy. The Anniversary Edition is completed with an aluminium lid plinth badge and smoked dustcover to complete the Anniversary Edition. As part of the celebration, we have put this anniversary package together at an incredible price that wont be repeatable, contact your dealer for details.

This edition will only be available during our anniversary year 2023.

Celebrating 50 Years of Rega Research Ltd.

From humble beginnings in 1973, making just a handful of turntables for friends, Rega has since grown into a multimillion-pound audio engineering company making world-class, award-winning hi-fi products that are supplied across the globe.

Since inception, our expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering was combined with three core values; to create products that perform beyond expectation, deliver unrivalled value for money, and offer lifelong reliability. These same values are upheld today and are key factors in our continued growth and success. 


  • Walnut Effect plinth with custom aluminium badge
  • RB330 Precision tonearm
  • Exact MM cartridge factory fitted
  • Neo turntable PSU MK2 included
  • 24 V low noise, low vibration motor, hand tuned to the custom Neo PSU Mk2.
  • Double brace technology
  • 12 mm float glass opti-white polished platter
  • CNC machined Planar 6 drive pulley for use with the Neo PSU.
  • Supplied with a smoked dust cover as standard.
  • Reference EBLT drive belt fitted as standard
  • Anniversary Special Edition only available to buy during 2023
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

The P3-50 will go on sale soon for £899. More 50th aniversary products will follow.


Rega go Green

Green Grade products available soon.

Save money and the Planet with Rega Green Grade products

Introducing REGA GREEN GRADE products, massive savings on new products to be had.

28 April 2023

As a manufacturer, Rega is always looking at ways to reduce waste and avoid parts going to landfill. We are proud of the fact that we have employed a team of people (for many years) dedicated purely to reworking or recycling damaged parts. Unfortunately, there are always some parts that may have cosmetic issues deemed not acceptable ‘in our industry’ for use in an ‘A’ grade product. In some cases, it is not always economical to rework them, and such items are sadly destined for landfill. This is always the very last resort but as a responsible company we feel that we can no longer accept this as a viable option.

Attitudes to waste are changing, for many years, imperfect fruit and vegetables were discarded and deemed not fit for sale simply due to appearance. However, the popularity of such goods rebranded in the UK as “wonky fruit” has seen a vast increase in sales over recent years as consumers become more educated and aware of how important avoiding unnecessary waste is. Rega now works with 650 suppliers, (85% of which are based in the UK) and all have a responsibility to supply us quality parts. However, either due to poor packing, mishandling or transport some items may become damaged. These parts would often be classed as unrecoverable by our rework team.

This is where Rega Green Grade comes in. Instead of not using parts with cosmetic faults we have decided to use such parts to build Green Grade Rega products. These products will function and perform perfectly and come with our unrivalled Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. In an ideal world, all consumers would accept Green Grade and we would stop wasting valuable resources and reduce our carbon footprint. But for now, we hope these small steps will change people’s attitudes and deliver us all a better and less wasteful future.

For Rega this is a non profit initiative designed to use parts and save them from being disposed off.

How will this work?

The first GREEN GRADE initiative will be the ‘Planar 1 ECO DECK’ here is how it will work.  

  • We have a selection of Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus plinths that are marked, scratched or obsolete (gloss P1 and P1 Plus for example).
  • We have a selection of marked or scratched P2 and P3 high gloss acrylic plinths that will also be built as Planar 1. (We will fit the appropriate brass bearing at no extra cost for those using P3 plinths).
  • Other green Grade components will be used as and when available such as platters and tonearms with cosmetic faults.
  • All will be fitted with ‘A’ grade Carbon cartridges.
  • The Plinths for the ECO DECKS will NOT be silk screened with a P1 logo so they can be easily identified as Green Grade
  • Each ECO deck will be fitted with a Rega ECO lid badge.
  • Each ECO Deck outer carton will have a sticker with the Rega Green Grade logo for easy identification.
  • Every deck will be thoroughly tested and will have to pass all of the stringent tests that an ‘A’ grade Planar 1 would need to pass.
  • Performance is not affected in any way.
  • Lifetime Warranty is included against functional defects, but this will NOT cover cosmetics.

Huge savings to be had…..

The UK SSP for a Green Grade Planar 1 will be just £199.00 (normal price £299).

The UK SSP for the Green Grade Planar 1 PLUS will be just £229.00 (normal price £385).

Current products available under Green Grade

P1 gloss Black 

P1 gloss White 

P1 gloss Red

P1 Plus gloss black 

P1 plus goss white


Spendor launch D1

Wall mounted option now available in D series.

A sophisticated, compact 2-way, on-wall loudspeaker. The DS1 delivers music with exceptional resolution
and a vibrant realism for when conventional loudspeakers are not desired. It delivers low frequencies with power, scale and authority with a cabinet depth of 135mm. It is easy to place in real-world listening rooms, very capable, and compatible with all good amplifiers. With a short slim enclosure and smart modern finishes, the Spendor DS1 is entirely at home in any listening environment.
Available in white, walnut, oak, cherry and black


  • A simple but ingenious wall mounting system
    secures the DS1 to a flat surface, whilst
    decoupling the back of the cabinet from
    transferring any unwanted vibrations, which
    greatly enhances sonic performance.
  • The proprietary 18cm Spendor EP77 polymer
    cone mid-bass drive unit mounted in a slim
    sophisticated cabinet, helps the DS1 deliver a
    room filling sound with projection, character
    and sheer entertainment far beyond its size.
  • With room friendly bass that is taut and
    controlled, smooth midrange and an extended
    treble, the DS1 delivers a big, full-bodied sound.
    This allows the DS1 to be used for front channel
    stereo duties as well as being a perfect surround
    loudspeaker, offering 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and
    Dolby Atmos configurations to the Spendor
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK


  • Low voltage supply - Standby mode +5V DC
  • Low voltage supply - Operational +5V DC
  • Fixed voltage supply - Standby mode 0V
  • Fixed voltage supply - Operational +24V DC
  • Variable supply - Standby mode 0V
  • Variable supply - Regulated +10V to +45V DC
  • Variable supply - Unregulated +45V or +56V DC
  • Size (H x W x D) 75 x 215 x 355 mm (2.95” x 8.46” x 13.98”)
  • Weight 7.7kg (17lbs)

Description 2-way surround loudspeaker
Enclosure type Rigid, asymmetric braced, cabinet with
dynamic damping
Vent type Sealed box
Input connection Neutrik speakON connector
Typical in-room response 60Hz - 25kHz
Power handling 150 watts unclipped programme
Amplifier 25-100 watts
Sensitivity 86dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Nominal impedance 8 ohms (min 5.8)
HF driver 22mm LPZ polyamide dome
Bass/mid driver 18cm EP77 polymer cone
Crossover frequency 3.8kHz
Net Weight 8.5kg
Height 500mm
Width 275mm
Depth 135mm
Finishes Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white, cherry
Accessories Magnetic grille, Neutrik speakON plug
and wall-mount fixings

This excellent and short video explains more about the D1

On demo in May 2023.



As a specialist retailer we believe we can bring a lot to the table. We've learned a lot in our 41 years in business. Our customers have been loyal and have enabled our business to grow and for this they deserve to be looked after. In fact looking after our customers is something we see as our most important job! But the fact is you'd expect us to say that. With this in mind I'd like to share an article written by Bill Leigh from Auden Distribution. It his explains how an independant retailer can help you and in a "click n collect" culture it has never been more important than it is now.

"Having spent many years in the Hi-fi business in various roles in retail, on the road as a manufacturer’s representative, and now with my own distribution company, I’ve seen much change in Hi-fi retailing. Manufacturers marketing and selling direct to the public, and the increased shift towards online purchases during recent CoVid19 restrictions has led some to once again sound the death knell of the more traditional specialist Hi-Fi retailer. I want to put the case for why we need them, along with the other routes to market"

Click the link for the full article.

Hope you enjoy the article and thank you to Bill for the share. Please feel free to engage with us if you'd like to discuss anything further.

UHQR (Ultra High Quality Records)
This technology is almost thirty years old and represents what some believe is the pinnacle of audiophile vinyl. It is a combination of ultra quality in every stage of the production process to produce something that is close to the master tape in all aspects.

The Role of recording engineers
This can't be underestimated. If the original recording and mixing is done poorly then there is only so much that can be achieved by remastering and pursuing expensive production techniques like the above. For this reason audiophile vinyl companies tend to pick recordings and the work of engineers that are already lauded for their quality. Bernie Grundman is an example of an engineer who has one of the best reputations in the industry and as a result has been hand picked by many artists and labels to produce and oversee their work. Without things been done properly at the start it is much harder and less viable to follow these additional steps to achieve perfection.

How do these audiophile pressings sound?
They sound superior, clearer, with greater dynamic range and with less background noise. This is apparent on a fairly modest system and extremely so on better equipment. We did some listening to the Mobile Fidelity Love Over Gold pressing on our Rega P1 based system. We compared it to the standard pressing and found substantial improvements in detail, clarity, bass reproduction and dynamic range. We did the same test with a Speakers Corner pressing of Lou Reeds' Transformer and again compared it to early repress. Same sort of difference.

This varies using depending on the time, care and the production techniques that are used. The Speakers corner represent the best value for money whilst the Mobile Fidelity One Steps and the Analogue Productions UHQR are the most expensive. All points between are covered.

We stock audiophile vinyl in our sister Record Store Wax At Moorgate. This link will take you to the current stock of audiophile vinyl.

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