First review of Naim 300 Series


Musical Fidelity offer Free WiiM streamer!

8/12/2033 design and aesthetics are elegant and pleasing.

Buy an M2si, M3si, M5si and M6si integrated amplifiers and receive a FREE WiiM streamer. Each amp will be supplied with an FOC WiiM streamer (WiiM Mini with M2si and M3si, and WiiM Pro with the M5si and M6si) with immediate effect. Contact us directly to arrange this.


Focal Kanta floor standers now on demonstration

8/12/2033 We're thrilled to welcome the Focal Kanta no 2 and no 3 to our store.

Halmarks of the Kanta design are a new generation IAL tweeter featuring a Beryllium inverted dome and Flax sandwich cone speaker drivers. This is an unprecedented combination of technologies to guarantee precise, detailed and warm sound. Focal’s latest acoustic innovations have been integrated into these floorstanders encompassing a modern and distinctive design. 

Kanta No 2 is the first floor standing speaker in the range. It's large but not overly so and it's clever design and aesthetics are elegant and pleasing.

Kanta No 3 is quite imposing and better suited to larger rooms but it shares the family sound and has plenty of detail without being overblown. A wide range of finishes are available for both models.

We'll be putting a few hours on these speakers and they're available now if you'd like a look or a listen.


Musical Fidelity returns

1/12/2033 We're thrilled to welcome Musical Fidelity back into our store.

In the 80's we were the third store in the UK to start selling Musical Fidelity. This was back when the company was essentially assembled on a kitchen table. These were the days of The Pre-amp and the DR Thomas power amp.

It was the relaunched of the classic A1 that set our interest off. Since then we've slowly added the M3 series, the M6 series and the new LS35a loudspeakers. All of these are available in store if you'd like to come and listen.

Hallmarks of the Musical Fidelity sound are great control, an open characteristic and a good deal of musicality. Come and have a listen to their products.


Musical Fidelity A1 2023 take on classic

Some images of the new re-issue and revision of the Musical Fidelity A1 class A amplifier.

Here's what Stereonet has to say;

Retaining the appearance and charm of the original A1 Integrated Amplifier from the late 1980s, Musical Fidelity is revisiting its past with the 2023 rerelease of this classic amplifier.

Shown at the Munich High End Show last week, the Musical Fidelity A1 builds upon the original circuits with modern improvements and superior components.

You'd be hard-pressed to spot the difference between the old and new unless they were side by side, though the refreshed edition is a touch larger - most certainly to better manage heat dissipation from its pure Class A operation, which offers 25 watts @ 8ohms. It also sports a remote control for 2023.

There's a built-in MM/MC phono stage, with low noise current to voltage converter for further amplification and RIAA equalisation, and automatic input impedance matching (1K nominal) for MC selected along with increased gain.

We'd love to hear the pairing with Musical Fidelity's newly released remake of two more classics: the LS3/5A and LS5/9 loudspeakers, also announced before Munich.

Further improvements on the 2023 release are said to include an updated transformer “for more efficient “dual mono split rail” windings”, along with a high quality and updated ALPS RK series potentiometer as volume control. All transistors, including output devices, have been carefully selected from modern equivalents, with polypropylene (PP) type capacitors used in the signal path.

Musical Fidelity says that particular care and attention were made to not change any component specification from its original, but to update them to modern equivalents with a long lifespan. The circuit layout is also said to follow the original faithfully. Finally, the phono stage and preamplifier layout have been improved for less noise and hum.

We're expecting a price of around £1500

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